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Visitor Information

Central Nursing Home is currently allowing visitors in accordance with the guidelines below:
We will continue to update this page with any changes to our visitor policy.


  1. Family or friends must call to schedule visits at least a day before.
  2. Visitors will have their temperature taken and complete the health screening form in the lobby. Visitors will be offered and encouraged to have Rapid COVID swabs upon arrival to the facility. (If the visitor doesn’t pass the screening or tests positive, the visit will be postponed to a later time, to be determined).
  3. The visitor will proceed to the outside entrance to the patio and meet the resident and staff on the patio.
  4. The entire visit must be supervised by staff.
  5. Visitor and resident must keep their face masks on and maintain required social distancing during the entire visit.
  6. No consumption of food or drinks will be allowed during the visit.
  7. Physical contact between visitors and residents will not be permitted.
  8. The visitor will exit through the patio and the resident will go back inside.
  9. The resident will sanitize their hands upon entering back inside.