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Occupational therapy services can help you when you need to improve or relearn everyday tasks, including dressing, eating, housekeeping, cooking and personal management skills. Our occupational therapists will design a treatment program that addresses your individual needs and goals. We offer effective occupational therapy programs for a number of health conditions including: osteoarthritis, stroke recovery, carpal tunnel syndrome, balance issues and joint replacement. Our occupational therapists will help with barriers that affect a person’s emotional, social and physical needs.

Speech therapy services are used in the treatment of disorders related to speech, language, cognitive communication, voice, swallowing and fluency. The techniques, methods, and intensity of your therapy depend on many factors. You will undergo a series of tests for your clinician to gather baseline data and to understand your needs and goals. Your speech therapist will consider your medical history, strengths and weaknesses noted during the evaluation process, responsiveness to trialed therapy techniques, and other factors that will impact your prognosis for recovery or improvement. Then, they will come up with a plan to help you rebuild your life, improve your communication, or enhance your delivery.

Physical therapy services are here to help you recover as fully as possible, whether your goal is to improve mobility, restore function, reduce pain or prevent further injury. Our therapy gym offers a variety of equipment used to design an individualized physical rehabilitation services treatment program, including variable height platform mat, adjustable parallel bars, stair simulation equipment, NuStep exercise machines and a host of other physical therapy tools.